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The #1 software solution built for the unique needs of land grant institutions as they foster positive change and deliver key insights to their stakeholders.

We designed the only platform out there that makes your Extension story known

PEARS comes Extension-prepped, empowering you to see engagement data in real-time and monitor the metrics that matter most. You’ll save on time and funds normally reserved for building an in-house evaluation system while benefitting from nuanced program features like dynamic shareable links that get key stakeholders onboard.

Amplify your team’s impact

Introduce the power of PEARS to your entire network
with features optimized for Extension

Easy Setup

Set your system in motion quickly with help from our dedicated client success team.

Powerful Insights

Don’t wait any longer with a real-time view into organization activities and …

Instant Savings

Reallocate extra funds, time, and manpower to projects that will move you forward.

Manager Tools

Administer and control all


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Develop targeted plans that yield proven results

Team members can create and submit plans of action for review while making sure that nothing gets missed along the way. Step-by-step prompts encourage planners to submit all relevant data points to guarantee that a strategic approach is adopted at an early stage.

Screenshot of an Action Plan for an Extension Grazing Program
Screenshot of Success Story Overview Page

Accelerate projects with real-time tracking

Work smartly and effectively while moving in sync. Record and monitor details of program efforts as they happen so that your team can make informed decisions quickly about future ideas and plans.

Oversee efforts with no tech expertise required

Delight in a system that does the heavy-lifting for you. Our team makes sure that as an administrator you will have all the tools to effectively manage team users and sites, designate approval processes, control workflows, verify data, conduct performance reviews, and more.

We are committed to the land grant mission—it’s our foundation.

PSE Changes Adopted Panel in an Impact Dashboard

Evaluate and report program impact effortlessly

Generate presentation-ready visual reports that display key metrics about program progress, implementation, and outcomes. Showcase public benefit data to foster collaborative partnerships for the road ahead.

Enjoy reliable support from a partner who understands

Our outstanding Client Success team has your back!
In addition to an initial virtual training upon setup, we provide email and phone support with fast response times. We communicate regularly so that new system features and updates are never a surprise.

Canopy Client Success Team

Ready to get started? We’ll put you on the right track.

We take a client-driven approach that is loved by administrators and staff

PEARS has changed the way we program and evaluate! We can look at all aspects and tweak programming as needed to make sure we reach EARS and all other evaluation impacts.

Heidi LeBlanc
Director, Hunger Solutions Institute

North Dakota Extension Logo

If you’re considering PEARS, do it. It’s a no brainer. If you’re looking for a system to create plans of work that are based in logic and evaluate those plans and track the things that you do, to tell a really good story about the work of your programs.

Stephanie Albaugh
Extension Specialist, Program Development & Accountability

PEARS’ customer support is top notch! They are always willing to help in any way possible.

Tia Gregory
Extension Instructor

Illinois Extension Logo

The #1 reason to switch to PEARS is someone else is going to help fix the system for you, and help your staff learn how to use it. There’s this big resource and a great group of people who are going to help your entire state be successful.

Norma Lundeen
Project Manager, Planning & Reporting

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Get a free demo of a platform that is built for your unique needs. Chat with our success team to see how you could use PEARS to streamline your team’s workflow with upgraded data entry and action plans, performance metrics, success stories, and presentation-ready dashboards. With no new tech hires.

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