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Canopy partners with universities and social impact programs to
develop software solutions that solve industry pain points—

We strive to make your profound work known.

Founded in 2021, Canopy proudly serves:

42 State SNAP-ed Programs

15 Land Grant Universities

Kansas Business Innovation Award Winner | 2023

Showcasing program impact should be easier

Our team understands that the landscape of higher ed and service is changing dramatically. Let us help you strengthen your organization’s engagement efforts and fundraising position—today.

Re-imagine Success

Enjoy access to streamlined data about your engagement initiatives and community impact. You’ll be able to make powerfully informed decisions for the road ahead.

Forge Stronger Bonds

Inspire your diverse group of stakeholders by granting them critical insights into program performance and outcomes—cultivating an expanded appreciation of the work you do.

Grow Pain-free

Elevate your impact goals without new tech hires. Our systems come custom-built to your specifications and include reliable support so that your team will never be left hanging.


Social impact isn’t a tagline—
It’s our foundation

Based in Manhattan, Kansas, our Canopy team passionately supports thousands of education and service professionals around the United States.

Born from an in-house innovation at K-State, Canopy got its start developing a software platform that would allow social impact programs like SNAP-ed and Extension to input large volumes of information from day-to-day activities statewide and organize that data for streamlined compliance reporting. Swift adoption followed.

Collaboration with our growing team of partners culminated in the addition of greater platform capabilities, offering deeper insights into community engagement efforts and outcomes—helping our clients to leverage their successes more effectively in fundraising efforts.

We’re a team that understands that the business of helping others is complex, which is why we’re committed to making it easier for our clients to do their best work. We are driven by our mission and a shared set of values, with service at the heart of everything we do.


A client-driven approach that is loved by
administrators and staff

PEARS has changed the way we program and evaluate! We can look at all aspects and tweak programming as needed to make sure we reach EARS and all other evaluation impacts.

Heidi LeBlanc
Director, Hunger Solutions Institute

North Dakota Extension Logo

If you’re considering PEARS, do it. It’s a no brainer. If you’re looking for a system to create plans of work that are based in logic and evaluate those plans and track the things that you do, to tell a really good story about the work of your programs.

Stephanie Albaugh
Extension Specialist, Program Development & Accountability

PEARS’ customer support is top notch! They are always willing to help in any way possible.

Tia Gregory
Extension Instructor

Illinois Extension Logo

The #1 reason to switch to PEARS is someone else is going to help fix the system for you, and help your staff learn how to use it. There’s this big resource and a great group of people who are going to help your entire state be successful.

Norma Lundeen
Project Manager, Planning & Reporting


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Need a platform that can give you a bird’s-eye view of program efforts and help get critical stakeholders onboard? Canopy is the clear choice. See how you can streamline your team’s workflow with upgraded data entry and action plans, clear performance metrics, success stories, presentation-ready dashboards—

All with no need for new tech hires!
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