Client Testimonials

Canopy systems are having an impact! Learn more from some of our amazing clients.

Nebraska Extension

Dr. Charlie Stoltenow, Dean & Director of Nebraska Extension at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, shares his experience with PEARS and the team behind it. Discover why educators and specialists recommend PEARS for its user-focused design and responsive customer service.

Vermont Extension

Stephanie Albaugh, Program Development and Accountability Specialist at the University of Vermont Extension, provides an in-depth review of her experience with PEARS. Learn how the platform supports states in using the system efficiently and why it stands out as a superior tool for planning and evaluating programs. Stephanie also commends the Canopy support team for their unparalleled assistance throughout the on-boarding process.

Michigan Extension

Norma Lundeen, the Planning and Reporting Project Manager at Michigan State University Extension, provides an overview of her experiences with PEARS. Learn why PEARS stands out as the preferred choice for many states, surpassing the capabilities of traditional in-house systems. Norma sheds light on Canopy’s commitment to developing user-centric tools and their role in elevating extension evaluations.

Kansas Extension

Dr. Gregg Hadley, the Director for Extension at Kansas State University’s Research and Extension, shares his experience with PEARS. He highlights the challenges of managing multiple internal platforms and underscores the value PEARS brings with its unified system, professional evaluators, and ongoing updates. Dive in to understand why PEARS stands out as an economical and efficient tool for extension professionals.